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How did the Republican and Democrat Parties Start?

To answer this question, it is important to understand why the Republican and the Democrat Parties were started because before you follow or support any idea, it is imperative that you know its ideology, history, agenda and intention. These factors should be what motivates anyone when choosing a political party. To understand which party to choose we need to understand the History.

Many think that it's always been The Republican Party and the Democrat Party, but that's not the case, there were a few.

*There are more parties than the ones I will mention but I am just touching on the major parties in this article.

Before the republican party or the democrat party, there was the Federalist party and the Anti federalist party.

Out of those parties came the democratic-republican party. This was founded by Thomas Jeferson and James Madison in 1792.

In opposition to those parties in 1824 came the Democrat Party we know today, formed by Martin Van Buren and Andrew Jackson about 10 years before Andrew Jackson became president under the Democrat Party with Van Buren as his Vice President who later became president himself.

Ten years later in 1834, The Whig party started as a break away from the Democratic Party. Many viewed Andrew Jackson and the Democrat Party as tyrannical and feeling a little close to the British regime they fled from.

Andrew Jackson, was a two term president, he was also a big war hero which is why so many admired him and this is, in part, a big part, is how he got elected. The Whig Party was opposed to him because they felt he was running a dictatorship, like the one they just fled from in England,

A few years into Andrew Jackson's presidency, he introduced the Indian Removal Act. This Act forced Natives to leave their land against their will. This act later became known as The Trail of Tears.

Jackson, a huge supporter of slavery who enjoyed tormenting those around him but especially his slaves. Contrary to popular belief this is what much of the Democrat Party stood for. He was terribly abusive to his slaves. It is reported that he enjoyed watching them suffer, it is also said he even tormented his wife, incessantly accusing her of having affairs all the way until her death. Some say he literally drove her crazy.

Now The Whig Party was against Andrew Jackson and the Indian Removal Act. But the Whigs did not agree on everything. Some members were against slavery, others for it. Some members were against the Free Masons, others apart of it, and then there were those members who just didn't like Andrew Jackson, period.

Members of the Whig Party also consisted of Abolitionists, Christians, Masons, anyone whoo did not like Andrew Jackson.

In 1854 Stephen A. Douglass,(D) introduced the Kansas Nebraska Bill, which raised the possibility that slavery could be extended into territories where it was once banned, this was a major controversy within America and the Whigs just couldn't agree on this so they essentially fell apart. But by february of 1854 members of the whig party who were against slavery started meeting and by March 20,1854 a new party was found, The Republican Party. It's important to note this horrific Kansas Nebraska Bill did end up passing in May of 1854 and produced a violent uprising known as bleeding Kansas.

The founders of this new Republican party were Hoorace Greeley, Francis Preston Blair, Henry Jarvis Raymond, and Alvan E. Bovay. There were also African Americans involved in this process as well. The Republican party’s main focus was anti slavery. They were considered the anti slavery party. It's important to note they stood for other causes as well, like infrastructure, family values, Christian ideals and upholding the constitution. But they weren't all Christians and they were imperfect men. These men were also all journalists. As a matter of fact Henry Jarvis Raymond co-founded the New York TImes.

By 1856 they had their first presidential candidate. Although the first Republican president would not win an election until 1860 just 4 years after the party was started and his name was Abraham Lincoln.

If you were an Abolitionist, you were Republican. If you were a true Christian, you were Republican, and if you were black you were most likely republican. As a matter of fact if you were republican white or black you were in danger of getting lynched. In the eyes of those who were for slavery, if you were a white Republican you were more despicable because you stood to free the slaves. An important fact to know is that not all slaves owners were white there were some black people who were actually for slavery. They owned and traded slaves too. Some free slaves would buy their families as slaves so that they could rescue them and some owned slaves just because it was a really lucrative business. Some of the worst slave traders and owners were black men and women.

Two things I’ve learned in studying history is that, without God, people can be just wicked, regardless of color, religion, or social status. Secondly, racism is a tool that is used to separate and divide us. Hitler used it, Stalin used it, and so many more throughout history.

But getting back to the Republican Party, there were some prominent black members worth mentioning, Frederick Douglass, Wentworth Cheswill, Hiram Rhodes Revels, just to name a few.

Very few people realize that under republican presidents came

The emancipation proclamation and the 13th admendment - Declaring slaves to be free

The 14th amendment - Anyone born in the U.S. was a citizen regardless of color

I firmly believe in the foundation of the republican party. It was a party of justice and equality. If it wasn't for the Republican party we would not have the rights we have today. If you were black you could not get an education let alone run for office.

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